Designing CD covers is my favorite thing to do as a graphic designer and I have been doing it for many years. Here are my words of wisdom . . . 

If you are going to spend years writing cool songs and spend thousands of dollars recording those songs, put some effort into the CD design. I can't tell you how many times I have had recording artists come to me the week before they need the CD cover and ask me to throw one together. Your CD cover needs to visually reflect the professional job you have done writing your songs, learning to play them and recording them. 

Take a look at the basic designs on the left. I suggest the eco-friendly packaging. It isn't as heavy to carry from show to show or for mailing.

Again, give your CD design as much thought as your songs. I normally require 2 weeks to design a CD cover. After you see your ideas on paper, you might change your mind about a few things so the first two rounds of proof changes are free.

I am proudly holding two of my CD designs

released in the same weekend
at the Kerrville Folk Festival! 
Danny Britt & Marvin Dykhuis
"Two Guys, Two Guitars"

The Flyin' A's
"Forgiveness, Faith & Gasoline"

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