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Websites and Marketing

My experience has taken me from being a freelance artist to going to art school to being a graphic designer at an advertising agency, to being a graphic designer for a national newspaper and back to being a freelance artist. My 15 years of being a graphic designer at a major newspaper taught me this. No matter what your business is, marketing is key to your success. If nobody knows what you are doing, it is next to impossible to have customers. Marketing has changed considerably in the past few years. This page is dedicated to giving you some ideas to let the world know who you are and what you do.

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Internet Presence 

  • Identity/Logo Design

  • Header & Banner Design
    For websites, blogs and Etsy

  • Facebook Pages and Fan Pages

  • Web Design

  • Blog Design


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I built my first website in 1996 for the Educational Services Department of the Austin American-Statesman. Shortly thereafter, I won "The New Media Fellowship" in 1997 and traveled all over the United States for a year to study what other newspapers were doing with the "new technology" of websites. The "New Fellows" were on the cutting edge of website designing. We have come a long way since the days of html coding.

After I retired from the Statesman, my specialty was working with creative people. Musicians and artists who already had an idea of the image they wanted to convey to the world but didn't  know how to create their marketing package or their brand.

If you need a brand in the form of a logo, website, a Facebook cover image, an Etsy cover image, I would love to help you.

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New Fellow

Newspaper Association

of America


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