I am a first generation Texan. My Spanish ancestors settled in New Mexico over 400 years ago. I spent much of my formative years there, on my grand-parent’s chile farm before moving to Austin at the age of 18. I have lived within a 20 mile radius of the city considered to be the music capital of the world, Austin, Texas most of my life. It has been quit the adventure for someone who's passions are art and music.

After a marriage in the late 70's and having two children, I went to art school in the mid 80's. My first job as a graphic designer was at an advertising agency in Los Angeles. I then moved back to Austin and had a very short lived experience of being a starving artist, selling my art at open air art shows. After my first winter of that experience, I got a job as a graphic designer at the Austin American-Statesman, where I worked for 15 years. The most valuable lesson I learned working in corporate America is that creating art is just a small part of being a successful artist. Marketing is key to being a success in any industry.

My goal as an artist is to inspire others and to spark emotion. I am primarily attracted to the evocative power of colors, shapes and symbols that have traveled with us through time. This to me is joy and passion, the source of beauty. They bring with them the power to heal. Many of my creative ideas come to me in dreams or are inspired by music. I work with a variety of mediums. I also do graphic design, creating CD covers, websites, facebook pages and slide shows.

I feel blessed to have a home studio in the Central Texas and having music as one of my favorite muses. Stay tuned for updates!


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